Chef William Turner found success, niche with catering bachelorette parties

by: Georgann Yara, Special for ABG

Scottsdale Airpark News - April 2019 https://issuu.com/timespub/docs/san_0419/28

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Chef Turner's Father's Day Sizzling Steaks

Chef William Turner shows us his take on the perfect steak for Father's Celebrations

Tasty No-Bake Bean Dip | Chef William Turner and Robin Nash

Looking for a quick and easy recipe for any gathering? Then check out this no-bake bean dip with pork rinds. Robin discovers how quick and easy this tasty snack is to make and they also talk about Coach Mike Ditka's charity "Grid Iron Greats - Assistance Fund" and Pork Rind Appreciation Day!

Thai Red Curry Chicken and Veggies Recipe

Great recipes to make delicious Red Thai Curry chicken from Chef William Turner, Scottsdale's Private Chef.